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Earlier, you could easily buy the flight tickets of AtlasGlobal and also book Atlasglobal flights directly with alternative airlines services. However, in February 2020, the company that owns AtlasGlobal decided to suspend all of its operations. Now, you will have to find an alternative flight using the search engine of the airlines to fly to the destination of your choice. In this blog, we will tell you everything about AtlasGlobal and its current status in the world map.

What is AtlasGlobal?

Atlasglobal was once a prominent Turkish airline company that had its headquarters at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. The airline used to offer scheduled domestic as well as international flights to the passengers from Turkey. The international destinations of the AtlasGlobal flights were spread across Europe as well as Asia. The company had over 25 international destinations on its map and flights used to take off at regular intervals. AtlasGlobal also used to offer charter flights to the businessmen operating in Turkey and other parts of the world.

AtlasGlobal came into existence in 2001 and folded its operations in February 2020. In the initial days of its operations, AtlasGlobal was operating as a charter plane service and a cargo service. Then, the name of the business was Atlastjet International Airlines. In 2004, the company flew its first set of scheduled flights. AtlasGlobal immediately started both domestic as well as international flights.

In the next year, the company rebranded it to AtlasGlobal that is the name of the carrier as well as the brand. The brand remained popular till the time it stopped flying. AtlasGlobal also had the ownership of a subsidiary airline with the name AtlasGlobal Ukraine. This one particular airline operated flights from Istanbul to Ukraine.

AtlasGlobal reported bankruptcy in February 2020 and the company had to stop operations of both the services — AtlasGlobal and AtlasGlobal Ukraine — with immediate effect.

How big is the fleet of AtlasGlobal?

The airline company had a fleet comprising over 15 aircraft. All of the AtlasGlobal planes were manufactured by Airbus. Airbus A319, A320, A321 and A330 were among the models in possession of AtlasGlobal.

What are the baggage rules of AtlasGlobal?

The Carry-on Baggage rules of the AtlasGlobal are as follows:

  1. Passengers flying in Economy Class were allowed to carry one bag with them free of cost in the carry-on baggage. The maximum weight of the free baggage was set as 8 kg.
  2. Passengers travelling in Business Class could take two items free of cost in the carry-on baggage. The overall maximum weight of the baggage still remained 16 kg.
  3. The maximum dimensions of the baggage was set by the airlines as 25 cm x 45 cm x 56 cm, which is equal to 9.8″ x 17.7″ x 22″.
  4. Add to this, the passengers, irrespective of economy or business class, could carry one personal item, like a purse, laptop bag, handbag or any other permissible small item.

The Checked Baggage rules of the AtlasGlobal are as follows:

  1. The checked baggage rules of AtlasGlobal used to differ from one case to another, depending on the route one took, cabin class one chose and fare one paid for the journey.
  2. In case one had extra baggage, he or she could easily book it with AtlasGlobal. The process was done on an Atlasglobal flight in link with Alternative Airlines.

What are the Check-In rules of AtlasGlobal?

The online Check-In rules for the AtlasGlobal are as follows:

AtlasGlobal used to offer online check-in to its customers for most of the flights. One could easily check-in using the internet. For that, the passengers used to visit the online check-in page and used to enter the registered PNR number along with their last name. The online check-in process used to open for 48 hours before the departure of the flight. However, no one could make an online check in 90 minutes before the departure.

The Airport Check-In rules for the AtlasGlobal are as follows:

The passengers travelling with AtlasGlobal had another option to check-in before the departure at the airport. The self-service machines installed at the airport could be used for check in. The other way to check in was queuing up to the check-in desk. This is the conventional way of check in and therefore, passengers were required to arrive at the airport three hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

How is AtlasGlobal Economy Class?

The Economy Class of the AtlasGlobal was synonymous to the most basic of the cabin class plans. The quality of the cabin was still quite high and offered passengers a professional and impressive experience.

What are the Economy Class facilities offered by AtlasGlobal?

AtlasGlobal used to serve complimentary food as well as drink to all passengers on all of its flights. The passengers could also select their seats during the check-in process.

The dimensions of the Economy Class seats on an AtlasGlobal flight was 77 cm, as much as 30″..

What are the Business Class Facilities offered by AtlasGlobal?

The passengers travelling in business class could access a fast track and lounge service. Many of the refreshment areas were available within the AtlasGlobal IGA Lounge that also had a refreshing as well as spacious atmosphere. The lounges used to offer wireless internet to all the passengers of business class, who could also have access to many electrical outlets.

Besides enjoying the fast track and lounge service, the business class passengers of the AtlasGlobal could carry a maximum baggage of 30 kg. They used to get in airport check in and were greeted with free meals and drinks on the arrival in the flight.

There was also a flying chef service available for the business class passengers of the AtlasGlobal. The flights with over three hours of duration could have this flying chef. The chef could make exclusive dishes on demand and everything from Turkey as was all world cuisine.

The Business Class seats of the AtlasGlobal were quite good. Large leather seats were installed that could be adjusted as well to a sleeping position. The legroom of the business class chair was 100 cm, as much as 39″.

What is the In-Flight entertainment offered by AtlasGlobal?

AtlasGlobal did not provide any in-flight entertainment to any of its passengers. However, one could read an in-flight magazine, which was quite popular among the regular passengers of AtlasGlobal.

AtlasGlobal did not offer any WIFI system as well onboard. However, the food offered on Atlasglobal was quite popular among the passengers. The complimentary food meals and drinks were the high points of the AtlasGlobal flights. More the merrier, the international passengers used to get served with a hot meal by AtlasGlobal.

List of AtlasGlobal Airlines Contact Numbers

DepartmentPhone Numbers
24×7 Customer Service +90 850 222 00 00
International Number +90 212 398 06 00
Head OfficeŞenlikköy Mah.
Cad. No:9/A Florya Bakırköy / İstanbul / Turkey
Head Office Number +90 212 663 20 00 (pbx)
FAX Number +90 212 663 27 51
Human Resources
Flight Safety
Interline Sales Support Desk
Lost and Found
Corporate Partners
Group Reservation Requests
Reguest to Ticket Sales Agency