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American Express, which is also popular with the name “Amex”, is a multinational company that offers financial services across the globe from its headquarter at 200 Vesey Street in New York City. American Express was established in 1850 and It features in the 30 components on which the Dow Jones Industrial Average works. However, many of its customers have recently raised a query related to the American Express phone or AMEX Phone Number. It is quite a huge company and serves different people from all across the globe but still American Express phone number is still hard to reach for many of its users. So, if you wish to call American Express, we will help you with our guide on American Express support number.

To reach American Express customer number or AMEX Phone Number, one can take the help of GetHuman. So, pick up your mobile phone and dial 800-528-4800 to reach the American Express customer service number.

The current waiting time to reach the American Express contact number is 20 minutes maximum. However, users reach the American Express customer support number in an average time of 14 minutes.

The American Express toll free number also allows users to skip waiting on hold and works 24 hours and for all seven days of the week. However, the best time to reach the American Express 800 customer support is 8:30 AM.

With the help of AMEX Phone Number, you can get specific targeted help for any of your issues. After you connect with Phone Number, do not hesitate to ask for the right help, relevant tips and reminders for follow-up in case of a pending query.

On the American Express Company Phone Number, you can update the information registered with your account and seek help in case of card decline. You can also cancel the account paid by mistake to someone, restrict or free your account, file a complaint on a lost card and speak on various issues using the American Express Phone Number.

You can connect with a representative of the American Express phone live on the call by pressing the 0 key at each prompt. You can ignore other messages being conveyed to you on the American Express phone number by simply dialing up your card number when asked. Now, you will be asked to hold the phone call to reach the representative of the company. So, this is how you can call American Express.

Some of the popular most problems of customers as shared with the American Express phone are a dispute related to some deduction by American Express and to change the user name for online transactions. The American Express phone number can help you with all such problems.

Some of the reasons why customers decided to call American Express in the recent times are given below.

  1. Sometimes the Bluebird APP of Amex stops responding and takes two to three days to get fixed by either the American Express phone or AppleCare Tech.
  2. Sometimes when users forget the passwords of their account, they immediately dial up the American Express phone number
  3. Queries like a credit card need for a married couple can also be addressed if you call American Express. Even if the wife or the husband already has a card, they can get another as a collective credit card with the help of American Express phone.
  4. When someone goes bankrupt and mistakenly adds an American Express prepaid card in place of debt then only American Express phone number can help.
  5. Sometimes when one of the married couple receives an updated card, the other one call American Express to seek clarity.
  6. The American Express phone can also help you with the expiry of the gift card and the balance inquiry. One can also reinstate the card with the help of American Express phone number.
  7. Some of the users have recently reported issues related to ticket booking through Amex. Mostly such problems include no cashback voucher received and customers use the American Express phone to fix it.
  8. The users that get terminated by the American Express call American Express to get it fixed.

So all the above mentioned problems and many more like these can be resolved on the American Express phone. The American Express phone number or AMEX Phone Number is easy to reach only if you follow our easy and elaborate guide on how to call American Express.

We hope our suggestions help you and you get your problems fixed as soon as possible and enjoy all the banking and financial services offered by the American Express. The financial service is one of the best across the globe and the big company has employed a team of expert technicians to solve your problems. Do not hesitate to explain everything related to your problem once you reach the American Express phone number or AMEX Phone Number.

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