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Big Sandy Broadband Phone Number (888) 789-3455
Big Sandy Broadband Customer Service Local Phone Number (606) 789-3455
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Big Sandy Broadband HeadquartersBig Sandy Broadband P.O. Box 586 West Van Lear, KY 41268

Big Sandy Broadband: All You Need To Know

Big Sandy Broadband has been acquired by Shentel. Now it is a part of Shentel and will be known by the same name. Big Sandy Broadband is a cable television provider. It also provides telephone services along with high-speed internet services. its services are available in Johnson and Floyd counties in eastern Kentucky.  Big Sandy Broadband was purchased by Shentel on February 28, 2019 

Big Sandy Broadband has been a big player in the market for more than half a century. Its merger with Shentel added around 4,700 revenue generating units (RGUs) to cable segment of Shentel, which included more than 2,200 broadband RGUs.

Shentel is officially known as Shenandoah Telecommunications Company. It is basically a publicly traded telecommunications company, which has its headquarter in Edinburg of Virginia. Edinburg has a population of around 1,000 people. Shetntel operates wireline network and digital wireless in the rural regions of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. The company operates its wireless division under the name of T-Mobile affiliate, which was formerly known as Sprint.

Shentel was established in the year 1902 in the month of January. The company was founded in the beautiful valley of Northern Shenandoah in Virginia. Initially, the company was established by a group of farmers as a telephone cooperative, Farmers’ Mutual Telephone System of Shenandoah County (FMTS). Shentel has a lot of services to offer. A customer of Shentel can enjoy a wide range of services related to telecommunications which includes cable TV, home phone and Internet.

This was one of the first Farmers’ Mutual telephone systems which got established in the rural region of the United States of America. Initially, the company was focussed majorly on bringing the telephone service to the residents of the rural area, especially, Shenandoah County, Virginia. It was in 1960

It was in the year 1960 when its name changed to Shenandoah Telephone Company. Later in the year 1981, from Shenandoah Telephone Company, its name was changed to Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (Shentel). In the 1980s, the company launched fiber optic network and cable TV service in the market. Mobile and paging services were added by Shentel in 1984. In the year 1990, Shentel became the first company to offer cellular service to the rural region in Virginia.  It launched Shenandoah Cellular. In 1994, Shentel provided the facility of internet service to its customers.

Shentel decided to expand its cable services in the 2000s. In 2008, Shentel purchased cable assets in Virginia and West Virginia from Rapid Communication. After two years, in 2010, the company acquired JetBroadband in southern Virginia and southern West Virginia. The company didn’t stop here. It went to purchase two small cable systems later in 2010 from Suddenlink Communications. One was in West Virginia and the other one was in Maryland.

Shentel completed the acquisition of its competitor by May 2016. It acquired Ntelos, its competitor for a whopping amount of 640 million dollars. With this deal, it earned 297,500 subscribers. This deal made Shentel, the sixth-largest public wireless company of the United States of America. This is because the deal between Ntelos and Shentel also transferred more 291000 subscribers from Sprint.

Later in February 2019, the announcement regarding the acquisition of Big Sandy Broadband was made. Shentel announced in the public that it has cracked a deal and the agreement has been made to purchase Big Sandy Broadband. The company is a Kentucky-based cable television, phone and broadband internet service provider.

The services of Big Sandy Broadband are available in the following cities:

Johnson County: In Johnson County, its services are available in Paintsville, Hagerhill, Williamsport, Van Lear, West Van Lear, Boons Camp and Meally.

Floyd County: In Floyd County, the services are available in Prestonsburg, Auxier, and East Point.

So in case you are convinced and want to become a customer of Shentel, then do as follows:

Want to be a customer of Shentel and enjoy its facilities and services? Then visit its official website, which is By visiting the official website of Shentel, you can shop and even sign up for the services. However, if you are an existing customer of Shentel, then you will be required to register your account at You will have to register the account only after you receive your first Shentel bill.

In case you have any doubt, confusion, concern, query or feedback, then do not hesitate to contact Shentel through our phone number. We at Shentel will do our best to provide you with the smooth service. We pledge to serve you in every possible way.

If you want a good internet connection, cable TV or home phone services, then we are here. Call us for high-speed internet connection, cable TV services, and home phone services at 888-789-3455.

Hope this article was useful to you and helped you know more about Shentel. In case you have not been successful with your purpose related to the Big Sandy Broadband and seek more information on Shentel, then the best advice is to contact the technical support of the Big Sandy Broadband.

The internet is the back bone of a computer system and you can not imagine a single day without the internet. A slow or disruptive internet can cause delays to your work and land you in trouble. Add to that, the internet exposes the valuable information as well your personal data to the world full of cyber criminals.

One should always opt for an effective antivirus to keep the dangerous viruses and malware at bay. The viruses may corrupt a file or sometimes the entire computer system to take complete control of your data. And that is when the cyber criminals act to cause you damage and make quick gains.

The Big Sandy Broadband is a great internet service provider that provides you high speed to download and install the required antivirus to safeguard your computer  system from all these viruses and malware.

The team of expert technicians working with the Big Sandy Broadband can also help you select an antivirus that is perfect for the protection of your computer system. The requirement of your business  or everyday needs will decide which antivirus is right for you.

The Big Sandy Broadband is mostly good for the users but may cause you headaches at times due to disruptions in the network. But you can get rid of all these problems with the help of the expert technicians working day in and day out to resolve your queries related to the Big Sandy Broadband.

In case our guide on the Big Sandy Broadband has been of any help to you then recommend it to others in need as well. We will try to help you with more such articles on the Big Sandy Broadband and many such services currently available in the market. Have a nice day an enjoy uninterrupted browsing with the Big Sandy Broadband.