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If you are based in the United States of  America and searching for the best FTA receiver for Dish network, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will help you with all you need to know about the Bravo Dish network phone number. Add to that, we will also compare Dish network packages side by side for your ease and comfort. But before that, let us tell you more about the Dish network 500 satellite Dish. The Dish Network is an American company that goes by the name Dish Network Corporation and deals in television networks. The multinational company is based at Englewood in Colorado and owns Dish, a provider of the direct-broadcast satellite network. The network is popularly known as Dish Network. 

The same company owns the IPTV network service and Sling TV. Dish also owns a company called DISH Wireless LLC that offers mobile wireless internet service. The company currently offers prepaid service for the consumption of around 9.3 million users. The service comes along when you purchase the Boost Mobile. The offer is in place from July 1, 2020 by the Boost brand. The company is also planning to venture into the postpaid mobile network service in the time to come. More than 16,000 employees are working for the best FTA receiver for Dish network.

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How big is Dish network?

The main service offered by DISH is satellite television and we will tell you what direction does Dish network need to point. The company offers services much similar to what other satellite network companies are providing. It is up to viewers to choose from the bundles of services and see which company provides more channels by paying less money.

One can also opt for the la carte programmes. But the list of channels is limited and premium channels will ask you to pay more. The Bravo Dish network company has its focus on diversification of its services. The company has recently purchased Blockbuster LLC and now comes with the Blockbuster trademarks. The company has agreed to the intellectual property of the Blockbuster LLC and thus, offers services like streaming as well as mail-order videos.

Compare Dish network packages side by side


DishNET is one of the satellite broadband services offered by the DISH Network. The service was launched on September 27, 2012, targeting the rural areas.


Dish entered the wireless arena in 2019 after it signed an agreement with the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. The DISH stated its wish to acquire the businesses of the prepaid wireless network of the Sprint. The business included Boost Mobile as well.

With the agreement between these three companies, DISH went on to claim the fourth position in the list of major wireless companies operating in the United States.

The day the Justice Department approved  the merger between all three companies, DISH came up with various plans to serve the 5G broadband network that is capable of catering to the needs of the 70 per cent of the total population of the United States by June, 2023.

It was July 1, 2020, when the DISH made the announcement of the acquisition of Boost Mobile. The Boost mobile was earlier owned by T-Mobile. The Bravo Dish network had to pay around $1.4 billion to complete the deal. The purchase of the mobile brand however allowed the Bravo Dish network to officially launch its business of wireless networks. The new network was named DISH Wireless, LLC, and it offered various prepaid services with the help of the Boost brand. The Boost Mobile acted as an MVNO on the network owned by the T-Mobile network company.

DISH also proposed to start offering branded services in a postpaid manner. In the years to come, the company aims to build the best FTA receiver for Dish network on their own. The company is also hoping to start a revolution in the United States with its service of the first ever 5G-only network.

OnTech Smart Services

One can also compare Dish network packages side by side with the fact that the Dish has also launched the OnTech Smart Services. For the unversed, the OnTech Smart Services is a direct-to-consumer service that works on smart home technology. In 2019, when the technology was launched by Dish, it was available in only 11 metropolitan areas. The Bravo Dish network also has smart home devices to deal with and helps its customers with the installation process.


For the charitable causes, the Bravo Dish network launched DISH Cares in 2014. This particular division of the company works extensively on the engagement with community, sustainability and also provides services after disasters. The best FTA receiver for Dish network has helped many in the relief efforts after the disaster. The example of this charity is Dish’s help after Hurricanes Katrina, Irma, Harvey and Maria.

Since now you know how to compare Dish network packages side by side, we will tell you more about the Dish Wireless LLC. The American provider of the wireless networks is the best FTA receiver for Dish network. The Bravo Dish network company wholly owns the subsidiary, which was started on July 1, 2020. On the same occasion, the company acquired  the business operations of Boost Mobile.

The company is doing so well since then that on August 1, 2020, the Bravo Dish network bought Ting Inc. as well. The Dish network, which is the best FTA receiver for Dish network has its headquarters at Littleton in Colorado.

The Dish Wireless company ranks fourth in the list of largest wireless carriers operating in the United States. The Bravo Dish network has a customer base of over 9.3 million internet users since its acquisition of Boost Mobile in July, 2020.

We hope that our guide on the best FTA receiver for Dish network helps you. In case you are seeking more information related to the Bravo Dish network, contact the customer support of the company. With the help of a customer care executive, one can also compare Dish network packages side by side.